Ammo Primer Types

Ammo primers may be broken down to two main types:  both rimfire and centerfire versions are popular today. Rimfire denotes the type of priming agent used. Rimfire is so called because the firing pin strikes the cartridge base’s rim. Centerfire is operated by the firing pin striking the primer cap at the center of the base of the cartridge to ignite it. Here is a list of the most common primer types:

Rimfire Primers

Rimfire priming system is primarily used in small .22 caliber ammunition. Rimfire was popular before the advent of Centerfire priming and is still used in some Cowboy Action shooting. Rimfire ammunition is not reloaded.

Berdan vs. Boxer Primers

Boxer primers are the most common primer type in America nowadays because of how easy it is to reload them. Berdan primers tend to come from former Soviet bloc countries, and are much harder to reload.