Most Popular Shotgun Ammo

The most popular shotgun ammunition can be boiled down to three choices. The .410 bore, 20 gauge and the most popular by far: the 12 gauge. Shotgun ammo is available in slug or shot. Shot denotes multiple round lead balls and the higher the number the larger the number of lead balls.

12 Gauge Shotgun Ammo β€“ The 12 gauge is the most versatile ammunition in the world. The 12 gauge can be used for hunting everything from small game to Brown Bear. The 12 gauge shotgun is used by almost every military force in the world and it’s ability to adjust to the changing battlefield conditions, with just a change of a round, has made it one of the best urban firearms available. A 12 gauge shotgun is also the best home defense weapon available.

20 Gauge Shotgun Ammo β€“ The 20 gauge shotguns are especially suitable for hunting game birds such as quail and grouse and other small game when using shot shells. A 20 gauge can also shoot slugs and thereby become an effective deer-hunting gun. The milder recoil also makes it a perfect choice for teenagers and shooters that are recoil sensitive.

.410 Bore Shotgun Ammo β€“ The 410 is the smallest of traditional shotgun sizes and .410 bore is close enough to the 45 LC cartridge that the two can be designed to be used out of the same firearm. The relatively light recoil and small size has made it possible to shoot out of revolvers. The most popular of those revolvers has been the Taurus Judge.