SIG P226 Review

The SIG P226 is the modern, double-stack version of the P220. The P226 was designed to compete in the US military pistol trials (XM9) of 1984. Though the SIG P226 eventually lost out to the Berretta 92, the P226 was the only other pistol to pass the test. The SIG was adopted by the US Navy Seals and many law enforcement agencies in the United States. The P226 is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG.


The P226 is a full-size handgun. It weighs in at 28.3 ounces. The barrel is 4.4 inches long and has a 1 in 10" twist. Trigger pull weight in single action stage is 4.5 pounds, and although there is some over-travel, creep is minimal and the trigger has a clean break. In double action stage, the trigger is smooth and the quality of the firearm is easily apparent. Trigger pull in double action is 10 pounds. A compact version of the P226 is available, the P229.

SIG P226 Review

The P-226 is in no sense of the word a cheap pistol and it is a worthy bearer of the SIG Sauer tradition of producing pistols of unsurpassed quality. This gun is extremely smooth to operate with no trace of stiffness, yet there is virtually no slide-and-barrel or slide-to-frame play. Only a few tool marks hidden inside the top of the slide prevent proclaiming the finish and workmanship is absolutely perfect.


  • Incredible trigger.
  • Fit and finish is top notch.
  • Extremely accurate.


  • Priced higher than competitors offerings.
  • Capacity is lower than competitors offerings (.357 SIG & .40 S&W)

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