Online Gun Values

Use of the internet when finding the value of a firearm has become one of the most popular ways to determine value. The main reason for this is the fact that it can be done quickly and for free. Below is a list of resources available to determine the value of a firearm online.

Online Gun Dealers

Online gun dealers have the same requirements that a brick and mortar gun store has in regards to selling firearms. Sites like Impact Guns can be a great resource for finding out what the true price of a firearm is (MSRP listed by manufacturers is never what you pay). Due to the nature of the business, online gun dealers are typically able to offer lower prices than local gun stores, even when FFL transfer fees and shipping is considered. Some sites also sell used firearms and this can be a great place to find out the value of a used firearm.

Gun Auction Sites

There are a few gun auction sites that sprouted up in the last 10 years. The most popular and successful is Gunbroker is a great place to find out the value of a firearm. Doing a historical search will let you know what the actual selling price for a particular model is; this can give you a more accurate price on a firearm as it offers updates in real time. Gunbroker is not the only show in town and smaller sites include Auction Arms, Guns America and the Gun Directory.


Gun related forums can be a valuable resource in finding out what the value of a firearm is. There will always be a classified section where members will sell firearms and this can be used to determine what a particular firearm has sold for recently. The members themselves can be used to find out the value of a firearm and there will sometimes be a section for asking “What it’s Worth”. Many of the forums are dedicated to a particular firearm, but will have sections for different firearm discussion.

Online Gun Appraisals

There are a few online gun appraisal sites that offer gun appraisals for a small fee. Most operate through email, and they have you email information and pictures of the firearm. This is a valuable resource but it relies on your accurate description of the firearm to get an accurate appraisal.

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