Rifle Ammunition

Today’s rifle ammunition allows the shooter to custom fit the caliber and ammunition type to their specific shooting needs. Many rifle shooters enjoy target shooting, whether punching paper at the local shooting range or making 1000 yard shots in competition, accurate, consistent ammunition is a must. When one thinks of a rifle many images come to mind but one of the most common would likely be that of a hunting rifle, such as the icons of the hunting world, the Winchester Model 94 or the Remington 700. The other common use of the rifle is in military/law enforcement and personal protection roles, in this area the rifle has shown the greatest innovation since companies began manufacturing metallic ammunition.

Target shooters must have two things for their ammo to meet their needs. Accuracy and consistency, fortunately, the ammunition manufacturers draw data from all types of ammunition and are able to use this to formulate the best products for target shooters. The boat tail bullet design of Sierra Match King Bullets when paired with a Federal load makes for an excellent target cartridge. Hornady also makes target ammo in the .30-06 caliber that uses their proprietary A-MAX bullet with amazing results.

Hunters are also beneficiaries of this crossflow of information in that they desire accurate bullets, but must have the energy transfer to quickly dispatch their game. Small game and varmint hunters are able to choose from several calibers to meet their specific needs. The .204 Ruger is among the newer of the small bore rifle cartridges, and with 32 grain bullets traveling in excess of 4000 feet per second, this flat shooting, highly accurate cartridge is sure to remain popular for years to come. The .25-06, a necked down .30-06, is also a popular small game cartridge that can be used for some medium sized game as well. Large game hunters pursue elk, bear and moose with 7mm Magnums, 300 Magnums and larger calibers. With ammunition from Barnes using their VOR-TX bullets and Sellier and Belloit ammunition with the famous Nosler Partition bullets, a hunter will go in the field knowing they have the most advanced ammunition made.

Military/law enforcement and personal defense rifle ammunition takes inspiration from both the target shooter and hunter and requires the best of both worlds. Accuracy is essential, but energy transfer is just as important. When dealing with a threat, whether animal or human, the threat must be stopped immediately with minimal chance of unintended injuries. Many ammunition choices are based on, or are, popular hunting cartridges, like the Federal Vital-Shok, or  bullets found in .308 and .338. Their rapid expansion in soft tissue and ability to defeat obstacles such as glass or walls allows this ammunition to operate effectively in the most demanding environments.

Whether going out for a relaxing day at the range, putting your sights on your first buck or defending your home, today’s rifle ammunition is reliable, accurate and able to get the job done.