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This company profile of Fiocchi Munizioni was written after the crew visited the Fiocchi facilities in Lecco, Italy. The information comes from interviews of Fiocchi employees and management and from information provided by Fiocchi documents.


Fiocchi History

Fiocchi PlantFiocchi Munizioni ­SpA was founded in 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi, a banker.  Fiocchi was employed by a Milan bank, and oversaw a loan made to a firearm manufacturer.  When the company defaulted on the loan, Fiocchi went to the manufacturer to see what assets the company had the bank could seize.  Fiocchi found the bank was unlikely to recoup any money, but also discovered an opportunity.

After consulting with his brother, Fiocchi obtained a loan from his bank and purchased the company.  Fiocchi stopped production of firearms and concentrated the business on the manufacture of cartridges, which were coming into their own during this time.

By WWI, Fiocchi had become the principal supplier of ammunition to the Italian Army.  After the Great War, Fiocchi continued to prosper.

After the start of WWII, German troops seized the Fiocchi plant.  Later in the war, the factory was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombers.  Ironically, the plant was destroyed after the German troops had withdrawn and were no longer in control of the facilities.

The Fiocchi family rebuilt the plant in a single year after the end of the war.





Fiocchi of America

Fiocchi factory photoFiocchi of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiocchi Munizioni.  Fiocchi originally had a presence in the United States in a partnership with Smith & Wesson during the 1950’s.  When company interests diverged, Fiocchi divested themselves of all ties to S&W and withdrew back to Italy.

During the 1980’s, Fiocchi entered the US market in force again.  Initially, Fiocchi imported ammunition for sale, but by 1984 decided it was too costly to import ammo. 

It was during this time that Fiocchi found land near Springfield, MO to build a factory.  In an odd coincidence, Fiocchi purchased the land from a farmer who had defaulted on a bank loan. 

Since that time, Fiocchi of America has manufactured most of the Fiocchi ammunition for sale in the US.  All shotshells are manufactured in the US, as are most pistol and rifle roundsRimfire ammunition is the only ammo exclusively imported from Italy.

Since 2005, ammunition sales in the US market have increased more than 500% suggesting Fiocchi of America will be around for some time to come.


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