Hi-Point Firearms- C9 - 9mm - Black Finish - 8 Rd Magazine - Adjustable Rear Sight

Hi-Point Firearms- C9 - 9mm - Black Finish - 8 Rd Magazine - Adjustable Rear Sight

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  • Hi-Point Firearms- C9 - 9mm - Black Finish - 8 Rd Magazine - Adjustable Rear Sight


Hi-Point Firearms is an American manufacturing company that specializes in producing affordable-priced firearms. Made in Ohio, these firearms focus on simple reliability and in doing so are able to bring a quality gun to market for a very attractive price..

This pistol utilizes a high-impact polymer frame, adjustable rear sight, and is equipped with a thumb safety. Hi-Point's pistols utilize a non-glare black finish that is applied using a powder coat process. This firearm includes a trigger lock.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hi-Point Firearms
Condition New
Caliber 9mm Luger
Manufacturer SKU 00916
Capacity 8+1
Sights Included Adjustable
Color Black
Length 6.75"
Weight (empty) 29 oz
Barrel Length 3.5"
Safety Type Thumb
Frame Type Polymer
Detachable Magazine Yes
Magazines Included 1
Trigger Operation Double-Action Only (DAO)
Magazine Capacity 8
Case Included No
Firearm Size Compact

Customer Reviews

Good value for the money - Review by wyomech
I've owned my C9 since 2001. I found it for sale, new in the box with two magazines at a Cheyenne, Wyoming gun for $129.95. Since then I've put about 400 rounds thru it with only two "failure to feed" issues. Most of these rounds were PMC FMJ rounds. Since then I have fired Buffalo Ammo +p JHP's thru this weapon without a single jam. I have seen many "You Tube" videos on modifications to make this pistol more dependable, but the only one I've done is adjusting the "lips" on the magazines. (This is a VERY minor adjustment, slightly bending the upper edges of the lips out a very small amount.) I have field stripped the weapon for cleaning, and one does have to have a 1/8" punch and small hammer to do so. A hassle, yes, but nothing insurmountable. I have not polished the feed ramp or made any other adjustment except the magazine lips. It is certainly accurate enough for ranges up to 25 yards, which is beyond most home defense situations.

However, as an 26 year retired Army master sergeant, I would not load the full 8 rounds in the magazine, having seen what that does to M-16 mags. I load only 7 in each magazine, since the Hi Point magazines are somewhat "tinny" compared to the Beretta M9, Colt 1911A1, or Smith and Wesson magazines.

All in all, a good value for someone on a budget! (Posted on 3/17/13)
shooting review at 25 yds. - Review by Buddy Dale
I'm a 61 year old Vietnam Navy Vet. I gave up all my guns about 30 years ago, at the request of my better half. I recently purchased a C-9 from Gary's Guns in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the advice of a friend of mine in the law enforcement field. He told me it was a very tough guns for the price. Well I listen to his advise and bought one for home protection and open carry. While in the Navy I recieved my Marksman and Sharp Shooter medals on a 1911 .45 pistol and a M-1 rifle. After getting out of the service, I started Coon Hunting with Coon dogs & used a 9" barrel H&R 22. Magnum revolver as the gun of choice. Shot flawless all the years while hunting. Now I'm over the hill and just wanted something to shoot at home invader's, since I live in the country. I have my own shooting range and set up targets at 25 yards, I used 5 different 9mm handgun ammo manufacters for the tirst time out. The first clip was Speer LE Gold Dot 147 gr. Ammunition Hollow Points. Very pleased with the results. All 8 bullets stayed in a pattern of 6 inches. The Magtech was a little less accurate in the 124gr. LRN (9E)at 1109fps, with 5 of the 8 hitting inside the 6" circle, with 3 outside of the circle roughly 2 to 4 inches. I then reloaded with Blazer 147gr.TMJ CF at 985 fps the same as the Gold Dot. It was another good test with all 8 rds hitting inside of the 6'' target. This tells me the slower bullet is not causing as much lift on the front of the barrel. I finally ended with the Remington 115gr. 1135fps. JHP UMC L9MM1B ammo. It was really accurate inside the 6" target, staying together in about a 2" circle all eight. I was a little surprised by the accuracy of the Remington, since it was the lowest price ammo I purchased. I recently purchase some Speer Lawman 124gr. TMJ Ammunition, that I hope to try out after the snow melts. Oh I got off track alittle bit on the accuracy of the gun. It impressed me for the money, and I use it on open carry any day of the week. I'm not a snob when it comes to the price and looks of a gun, long as it protects me and the people I'm with. That's the end of this review, thankyou for listening and don't look down on the Hi-Point name. (Posted on 2/26/13)
Excellent value - Review by glidedog
Just like everyone else, the first clip I ran through jammed due to failure to feed issues. All you have to do is field strip it, polish the feed ramp using 1000 grit paper (take the time, it's worth it) and then tune the magazine. It fixes all your concerns. This gun is dead nuts accurate. Heavy? Yup, get over it. I was considering a more expensive gun just to fit in with the guys, but screw that, besides all the guys like shooting my c9. It's intention is to save your life, put one round in the center mass and this baby will deliver. I like my Hi Point C9. (Posted on 1/30/13)

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Product Question and Answer

Q: I am interested in purchasing this weapon. I do have a conceal permit to carry. ** Please let me know when this firearm is back in stock.

Posted On: 11/5/13 By: Ron

A: Unfortunately, we don't anticipate having these Hi-Points back in stock anytime soon. We primarily sell ammunition and accessories. Sorry to bear the bad news but thank you for taking the time on our site!