Ruger SR9 Review

The Ruger SR9 was released to much fanfare, but lost a lot of momentum when the first batch of pistols were recalled. The recall was due to the pistol being able to fire if dropped. Ruger replaced the trigger groups with a Glock safe-action style trigger and gave a free magazine to all of the pistol owners that were effected.

Introduced in October 2007, the Ruger SR9 was sold as the thinnest double stack pistol available. The Ruger SR9 was much like the rest of the Ruger lineup:  sold for a much lower cost than the competition. Recently in January 2010, the compact line (SR9c) was released to attract the CCW crowd.


The Ruger SR9 is a striker-fired, recoil operated, 9mm pistol with a double stack magazine. The design has a lot of similarities with the striker-fired pistols that were released before it. The trigger is much like the Glock “safe-action” trigger. The SR9 has a loaded chamber indicator like the XD line of polymer pistols. The SR9 has detachable back straps, which can be used to accommodate most shooters. The SR9 has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds, with a 10 round California version available.

Ruger SR9 Overview

The SR9 is a quality handgun for any shooter that is on a budget. The overall feel and fit and finish is not as good as some of the competitors, but that is made up by the fact that this is $100 to $200 cheaper. The recall issue was addressed and the SR9 now has more safeties than it needs. This is to be expected after the issues that caused the recall.

The following are included “Out of the Box” if you buy a new Ruger SR9:

  • Plastic Case
  • Ruger SR9 Pistol
  • 2 17 (or 10) round Magazines
  • Magazine Loader
  • Pistol Lock
  • Manual


  • Cheapest quality striker-fired pistol available.
  • Ruger quality and customer service.
  • Extremely slim profile for a double stack magazine.
  • Compact model available for concealed carry.
  • Adjustable rear sights are standard.
  • Made in the USA


  • Trigger not as smooth as competitors.
  • Fit and finish not as clean as competitors.
  • Striker indicator is useless in low light.

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